(A)   Each Trustee shall be paid the sum of $50 for each meeting attended by said Trustee during her or his elected term.
   (B)   The Village Board President shall be paid the annual salary of $5,000.
   (C)    The Village Clerk shall be paid the annual salary of $2,500.
   (D)   The effective date for the foregoing schedule of payments shall be October 17, 2000.
   (E)    The schedule of payments existing prior to the adoption of this chapter shall remain in full force and effect until the foregoing date of October 17, 2000.
   (F)   The Village Clerk shall cause a copy of the ordinance codified herein, signed by the President indicating his or her approval and attested to by the Clerk, to be filed by the office of village for inspection by the public.
(Ord. 00-6, passed 10-17-2000)