(A)   A quorum of Trustees must be physically present at the location of an open or closed meeting of the Board of Trustees.
   (B)   Minutes of all meetings shall reflect if a Trustee was physically present or present by means of a video or audio conference. Approval of such attendance shall be approved by a majority of the public body in accordance with the state’s statutes. Lack of such a specification shall be deemed to indicate that the Trustee in question was physically present.
   (C)   (1)   As provided herein, Trustees who are not physically present may participate in open or closed meetings by means of a video or audio conference.
      (2)   Such electronic participation may only occur if the Trustee is prevented from physically attending by:
         (a)   Personal illness or disability;
         (b)   Employment purposes;
         (c)   Business of the public body; or
         (d)   A family emergency.
      (3)   (a)   If a Trustee wishes to attend a meeting electronically, the Trustee must notify the Village Clerk or his or her designated agent at least 48 hours before the meeting, unless advance notice is impractical. Notification may be in person or in writing, or by phone, email, or facsimile transmission.
         (b)   The notification shall include a detailed recitation of the particular circumstances why the Trustee cannot attend, and also cite one of the five above-specified categories. Copies of the request shall be provided to all Trustees promptly, but in no event later than the meeting in question.
   (D)   Upon receipt of notice of intent to participate electronically, the Clerk or her or his designee(s) shall make appropriate arrangements for the Trustee to participate electronically, such as by arranging a speaker phone for the meeting room and obtaining contact information. The equipment shall provide output sufficient for persons attending the meeting, and members of the audience, to hear the Trustee speak, and also shall allow the Trustee to hear other Trustees and any person who addresses the Board of Trustees.
   (E)   The Board of Trustees allows electronic attendance for qualifying reasons listed in the state’s  Open Meetings Act, being 5 ILCS 120/1 et seq., as a matter of policy. The audio or video equipment shall be activated at the beginning of the meeting, or at the time requested by the Trustee, so that the Trustee can participate.
   (F)   If the Trustee who is attending electronically would normally chair the meeting, a President pro tempore who is physically present may be appointed.
   (G)   When a Trustee attends a meeting electronically, all votes shall be by roll call vote. An electronically attending Trustee must identify himself or herself by name and be recognized by the President before speaking.
   (H)   An approved request to participate electronically entitle the Trustee involved to attend at the subject meeting and any closed sessions called during that meeting.
   (I)   The ordinance codified in this subchapter shall apply in a like manner to any subsidiary committee, subcommittee, or other agency of the village that is a “public body” under the state’s Open Meetings Act, being 5 ILCS 120/1 et seq.
(Ord. 16-O-17, passed 10-18-2016)