(A)   (1)   There is hereby created the unpaid position of Junior Trustee, which shall be filled for a term ending July 1 following the commencement of such term and shall be filled by a local high school student by appointment of the President with consent and approval of the Board of Trustees. The President shall solicit applications and then make the appointment.
      (2)   The Junior Trustee shall sit with the regular Board of Trustees, receive Board materials (except confidential materials including by not limited to employment matters, litigation, real estate, negotiations, and/or confidential legal communications unless approved by the President), and make non- binding advisory votes on issues before the Board of Trustees.
      (3)   The Junior Trustee will be invited to attend executive session meetings at the option of the Board of Trustees.
      (4)   The position of Junior Trustee shall be a position of community service and shall not be paid any renumeration.
      (5)   The position of Junior Trustee is an honorary position and will be otherwise non-voting and shall not count or be required as part of a quorum for the Board of Trustees.
   (B)   The position of Junior Trustee shall receive no compensation but will be recognized for participation in community service. There may be as many as two Junior Trustees serving at any given time. The Junior Trustee shall report to the President.
   (C)   The term of any Junior Trustee will end upon the earlier of July 31 of each year, resignation by the Junior Trustee in writing and signed by the Junior Trustee (without the need for notarization), upon written direction of the President and Board of Trustees, or upon approval by the Board of Trustees, all without cause.
(Ord. 18-O-7, passed 3-6-2018)