(A)   Effective at the conclusion of the existing elected term of the Village Clerk and effective with the April 2001 election, the elected position of Clerk shall be abolished and shall be replaced by the position of appointed Clerk which shall be a position filled by appointment by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees for the village. The appointed position of Clerk shall constitute an appointment for a term concluding with the resignation or death of the appointed Clerk or upon termination by resolution of the Board.
   (B)   The appointed Clerk shall be charged with keeping the corporate seal and all papers belonging to the municipality of which the custody and control are not given to other officers. The Clerk shall attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and shall keep a full record of its proceedings pursuant to applicable law. The Clerk shall publish all ordinances as required by law. The Clerk shall also carry out such duties as are required by law and as subsequently assigned to the Clerk by the Board and/or its President.
   (C)   The Village Clerk is hereby directed to provide the County Clerk’s office with a certified copy of this chapter.
(Ord. 01-01, passed 1-2-2001)