All persons wishing to operate a golf cart or a recreational off-highway vehicle on the village streets must ensure compliance with the following requirements:
   (A)   Proof of current liability insurance;
   (B)   Must be certified with the village and inspected by the Police Chief and/or her or his designee;
   (C)   Must display village decal on the rear of the vehicle;
   (D)   Must have a current, valid Illinois driver’s license;
   (E)   Golf carts must be equipped as follows:
      (1)   Horn;
      (2)   Brakes and brake light;
      (3)   Turn signals;
      (4)   A steering wheel apparatus;
      (5)   Tires;
      (6)   Rearview mirror; and
      (7)   State-approved “Slow Moving Vehicle” emblem on the rear of the vehicle;
      (8)   Headlight that emits a white light visible from a distance of 500 feet to the front which must illuminate when in operation;
      (9)   Tail lamp that emits a red light visible from at least 100 feet from the rear which must be illuminated when in operation; and
      (10)   Any additional requirements which may be amended to 625 ILCS 5/11-1426.1 or the State Motor Vehicle Code.
   (F)   Must obey all traffic laws of the state;
   (G)   Must be operated only on the village streets, except where prohibited;
   (H)   May not be operated on state highways and county roads except at designated crossing points. Designated crossing points shall only include any street intersecting with U.S. Route 45 which features an electronic stop light;
   (I)   Must not be operated in excess of posted speed limit and, regardless, may not exceed 35 mph;
   (J)   A person operating or who is in actual physical control of a golf cart or recreational off-highway vehicle as described herein on a roadway while under the influence is subject 625 ILCS 5/11-500 through 5/11-502;
   (K)   Golf carts and/or recreational off-highway vehicles shall not be operated on sidewalks other than parking areas except when authorized by the Board President or Police Chief for special events; and
   (L)   (1)   Each golf cart and/or recreational off-highway vehicles may transport only as many individuals as is the lesser of the number of seats or as its manufacturer designates.
      (2)   No individuals may ride on any other portion of the golf cart and/or recreational off-highway vehicles.
(Ord. 2016-O-16, passed 9-20-2016) Penalty, see § 70.99
Statutory reference:
   For related provisions, see 625 ILCS 5/12-709