(A)   Village offices receive many verbal requests from citizens to either inspect documents or to receive copies of documents.
   (B)   Village offices should continue to comply with verbal requests for inspection of documents unless the requests involve large numbers of documents, require a period of time to comply with the request, or require a written request to accurately comply with the request, or the department or division otherwise determines it is necessary to have a written request for inspection. If a written request is deemed necessary, the procedure set out in § 30.04 will be followed.
   (C)   If a verbal request for inspection is complied with, it must be compiled with in the time period set out in § 30.04, additionally, the verbal request must be entered in a log, a copy of which is in Appendix A. A copy of the log will be retained by the Clerk for two years.
   (D)   Requests will be reviewed by the Clerk or his or her designee.
(Res. 99-8, passed 8-17-1999)