(A)   The ability to contact employees is dependent in employees providing accurate and current contact information to the village. It is responsible for each village department to ensure their personnel’s information is updated, including changes in contact information and identification of special skills. Employee data will be maintained by the Office of Emergency Management. The Information Systems Department will upload employee data into the system quarterly to ensure the most recent data is readily available in a time of an emergency.
   (B)   Each department will be responsible for collecting and submitting current employee contact information on a quarterly basis.
   (C)   All village employees are required to prove contact information to be used in the event of an emergency. Both state law and the village municipal code state that all village employees may be designated as disaster service workers in the event of a declared emergency.
   (D)   As designated disaster workers, employees are required to provide the village with basic contact information. If information is found to be incorrect during the testing phase, department heads will ask employees to update their data. Employees will only be called in an emergency and the data will not be used for non-emergency use/calls.
(Ord. 2019-O-13, passed 10-1-2019)