(A)   Mass notification systems allow large numbers of people to be contacted simultaneously via multiple methods including land-line phones, cell phones, text messages and email. A new mass notification system has been implemented in the village. The system, RAVE Alerts is capable of quickly disseminating information to the population of the village, including village RAVE employees, in less than ten minutes.
   (B)   (1)   RAVE Alerts will have the following capabilities:
         (a)   Ability to notify employees in an emergency;
         (b)   Ability to notify the community in an emergency; and
         (c)   Ability for the community to add additional methods of notification including cell phone, email, text messaging for emergency and non-emergency notifications.
      (2)   Community is defined as residents, businesses and frequent visitors to the village. This chapter is not intended to replace personnel recall policies and procedures for police employees.
(Ord. 2019-O-13, passed 10-1-2019)