(A)   PCDs, whether provided by the village or personally owned, shall only be used by on-duty employees for legitimate department business except as provided for below. Employees may use a PCD to communicate with other personnel in those situations where the use of the radio is either impractical or not feasible. PCDs, however, should not be used to replace regular radio communication if such communication is available.
   (B)   (1)   PCDs may not be used to conduct personal business while on duty except when brief personal communications may be warranted by the circumstances (for example, to inform family of extended hours).
      (2)   While employees may use personally owned PCDs for personal business during authorized breaks, such usage should be limited as much as practical to areas where the communication will not be seen or heard by members of the general public.
   (C)   Extended or frequent use of departmentally issued PCDs or personally owned PCDs while on duty for personal use is prohibited and may be subject to discipline. Employees may be responsible for reimbursing the village for any charges incurred as a result of personal use.
(Ord. 2012-O-5, passed 4-17-2012)