(A)   (1)   Access to village technology resources including internet access provided by or through the village shall be strictly limited to village-related business activities.
      (2)   Data stored on or available through department systems shall only be accessed by authorized employees who are engaged in an active investigation, assisting in an active investigation, or who otherwise have a legal and legitimate law enforcement or department business related purpose to access such data.
      (3)   Any exceptions to this subchapter must be approved by a supervisor.
   (B)   Any internet site contained information that is not appropriate or applicable to village use and which shall not be intentionally accessed include, but are not limited to, adult forums, pornography, chat rooms, and similar or related websites. Certain exceptions may be permitted with the prior approval of a supervisor as a function of an assignment.
   (C)   Downloaded information shall be limited to messages, mail, and data files which shall be subject to audit and review by the village without notice. No copyrighted and/or unlicensed software program files may be downloaded.
   (D)   Employees shall report any unauthorized access to the system or suspected intrusion from outside sources (including the internet) to a supervisor.
(Ord. 2012-O-5, passed 4-17-2012)