(A)   Employees shall not copy or duplicate any copyrighted or licensed software except for a single copy for backup purposes in accordance with the software company’s copyright and license agreement. To reduce the risk of computer virus or malware infection, employees shall not install any unlicensed or unauthorized software on any department computer. Employees shall not install personal copies of any software onto any department computer. Any files or software that an employee finds necessary to upload onto a village computer or network shall be done so only with the approval of the employee’s supervisor and only after being properly scanned for malicious attachments.
   (B)   No employee shall knowingly make, acquire, or use unauthorized copies of computer software not licensed to the agency while on agency premises or on an agency computer system. Such unauthorized use of software exposes the agency and involved employees to severe civil and criminal penalties.
(Ord. 2012-O-5, passed 4-17-2012)