(A)   Under normal conditions, if an employee has a job-related problem, question, or complaint, she or he should discuss it with your supervisor within five to ten working days of the occurrence. Her or his supervisor will respond to her or his request within  ten to 14 working days. If an employee chooses to file a complaint, it should be done within ten to 14 days of his or her supervisor’s response. Please note that discharged employees may not grieve their discharge.
   (B)   If the discussion with the employee’s supervisor does not answer her or his question or resolve the matter to her or his satisfaction, the employee may then present her or his complaint, in writing, to the President who will render a decision after appropriate investigation. If the employee’s first line supervisor is the President, then the written complaint should be given to the Village Clerk who will present the complaint to the Board for final resolution.
   (C)   When the issue personally involves the supervisor with whom the employee would ordinarily discuss a problem, he or she may bypass the individual and proceed to the next person in authority without fear of reprisal.
   (D)   Members of the bargaining unit should review the bargaining unit agreement for current grievance procedures.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)