(A)   Discretion in style of dress is very important to the village. Employees are often the village’s representatives in dealing with the public. Office employees are not to wear jeans of any nature, t-shirts, halter tops, or exposed piercings or tattoos, with the exception of a single set of pierced earrings and small tattoos in the ankle area. Employees arriving at work in inappropriate attire due to a violation of the above restrictions or because the clothing items are too revealing will be required to change their clothing and will not be paid for the time required to do so.
   (B)   Employees are required to dress in attire safe and appropriate for their positions. Clothing worn by employees must not be torn, must meet safety requirements, and must not contain inappropriate language or graphics.
   (C)   In some cases, employees may be provided uniforms to wear. Uniforms or work clothes bearing the village’s name shall not be worn outside of village work hours except for purposes of traveling to and from work.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)