§ 35.131  SICK LEAVE.
   (A)   Sick leave is a benefit and not a right for the employee to use at her or his discretion. Accumulated sick leave is an employee’s assurance of a regular continuing income in the event of their personal illness or physical incapacity, exposure to a contagious disease that would endanger the health of other employees or our customers, personal illness within his or her immediate family, disability resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, or other medical conditions, enforced quarantine in accordance with community health regulations, or appointment with a licensed medical doctor, dentist, or other health practitioner.
   (B)   Full-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of two and one-half hours per pay period. Part-time employees accrue sick leave based on prorating the percentage of a full-time work schedule. Leave may be accrued up to 360 hours. Accrued leave may not be used or paid to the employee upon separation of employment.
   (C)   Employees accruing more than 360 hours may have the excess hours recorded in a bank which may be used to extend service time for purpose of IMRF retirement.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)