(A)   Absence or tardiness places an extra burden on coworkers and undermines the efficient operations of the village. Good attendance is expected of every employee. It is each employee’s responsibility to be on the job, on time each day, and fully able and ready for work. Employees are expected to arrive at work on time, to return from rest breaks and lunch breaks on time, and to work until the shift is complete.
   (B)   With the exception of emergency situations, absences from work due to illness or injury must be reported to the employee’s supervisor within a minimum of three hours prior to the employee’s assigned work shift. In the absence of an employee’s supervisor, notice should be given to his or her designee or the Police Chief. Employees are required to notify their supervisor at least three hours before each day of a continuing absence, unless the requested leave is established by a medical professional. Failure to follow these policies will result in discipline. For non-Police Department employees, an absence of three consecutive days without notification is considered a resignation.
   (C)   Absence of more than three consecutive days due to illness or injury requires a written statement from a medical professional explaining the absence. The village may also require a statement from a medical professional whenever absences are excessive. In addition, the village may require the employee to submit to a physical examination by a medical professional selected by the village at the village’s expense at anytime illness or injury is interfering with the employee’s productivity. Note, the collective bargaining agreement for the Police Department may contain different provisions.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)