(A)   The Board is committed to paying competitive wages to its employees based on the skill required for the position, the experience, and/or longevity of the individual employee with regard to the position, and ongoing performance of the employee in the assigned position.
   (B)   Increases in salary may be of three types:
      (1)   Salary based on merit and seniority. Over the course of employment with the village, an employee may receive periodic increases in wages based on merit (i.e., performance equal to or exceeding expectations) and based on seniority;
      (2)   Cost of living adjustment. On an annual basis based on funding available to the village, every employee’s wages will be adjusted based on the cost of living increase during the previous year; and
      (3)   All raises must be approved by the Board.
   (C)   Under unusual circumstances, an employee may have her or his wages reduced. This reduction can occur because of a reassignment to the employee, a restructuring of the position, or exceedingly poor performance during an individual evaluation period.
   (D)   It is anticipated that employee evaluations will be completed every September and every March. Raises due to seniority or cost of living will take effect on May 1, the beginning of the village’s fiscal year. Performance bonuses or adjustments to wages may take place following either evaluation.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)