509.09. Pedestrian loitering prohibited in bridge areas.
   (a)   The Commissioner of Transportation is hereby authorized to designate, by rule, those portions of the streets and highways in the vicinity of any bridge, trestle or viaduct in the City and also those bridges, trestles and viaducts in the City on or upon which loitering by pedestrians and other persons is prohibited. The Commissioner is also authorized to erect and maintain appropriate signs along the portions of such bridges, trestles and viaducts and the approaches thereto as hereinabove authorized, prohibiting loitering.
   (b)   "Loitering" as herein used means loitering as that term is used and defined in Section 509.08.
   (c)   Any person who violates any rule promulgated in accordance with this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(1952 Code 17-6-144; Ord. 919-73; Ord. 104-94. Passed 3-14-94.)