(A)   For the purpose of this section DEADLY WEAPON is defined as follows:
      (1)   A loaded or unloaded firearm;
      (2)   A weapon, device, instrument, material, or substance, animate or inanimate, that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury, except that such term does not include a pocket knife with a blade of less than 2½ inches in length.
   (B)   This section does not apply to:
      (1)   Judicial officers or law enforcement personnel on active duty; or
      (2)   The lawful possession of firearms or other deadly weapons by county officers or employees or persons under contract with the county, for lawful purposes connected with their office, employment or contract with the county.
   (C)   No person shall possess a deadly weapon in the County Courthouse or the County Jail.
   (D)   The County Sheriff and all other law enforcement officers may detain persons whom they have reason to believe possess such deadly weapons in violation of this section long enough to obtain proper name, address, date of birth, social security number, and to seize such deadly weapon.
   (E)   The County Sheriff and all other law enforcement officers may seize any deadly weapon possessed in violation of this section. All seized deadly weapons shall be held by the Sheriff’s Department until further order of the court, after a hearing on the proper disposition of the weapon pursuant to I.C. 35-47-2-7, 35-47-3-2, 35-47-3-3 and 35-47-4-1.
(Ord. 2000-53-CM, passed 9-18-00; Am. Ord. 2011-17-CM, passed 7-5-11) Penalty, see § 130.99