(A)   RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES PRESERVED:  Nothing in this Charter except as otherwise specifically provided shall affect or impair the rights or privileges of persons who are elected officials or employees at the time of this adoption.
   (B)   CONTINUANCE OF OFFICE OR EMPLOYMENT:  Except as specifically provided by this Charter, if, at the time this Charter takes full effect, an elected or appointed official or employee holds any office or position which is or can be abolished by or under this Charter, he or she shall continue in such office or position until the taking effect of some specific provision under this Charter directing that he or she vacate the office or position.
   (C)   PERSONNEL SYSTEM: An employee holding a municipal position at the time this Charter takes full effect, who was serving in that same or a comparable position at the time of its adoption, shall not be subject to competitive tests as a condition of continuance in the same position, but in all other respects shall be subject to the personnel system provided by this Charter.