§ 10.02  RECALL.
   (A)   The electors shall have the power to remove any elected official of the municipality from office by a recall election in the manner provided in this section.
   (B)   If the elected official shall have served six (6) months of a term, a petition demanding removal may be filed with the Clerk of Council, who shall note thereon the name and address of the person filing the petition and the date of filing; and shall deliver to the person a receipt, and attach a copy of the receipt to said petition. The petition may be circulated in separate parts, but the separate parts shall be bound together and filed as one (1) instrument.  Each part shall contain the name and office of the person whose removal is sought and a statement of the grounds for removal.  The petition shall be signed by at least that number of electors which equals fifteen (15) per cent in number of the electors voting at the last preceding regular municipal election.
   (C)   Within twenty (20) days after the filing date on a petition, the Clerk of Council shall determine whether or not the petition meets the requirements of this section.  If the Clerk of Council shall find the petition insufficient, he shall promptly certify the particulars in which the petition is defective, deliver a copy of the certificate to the person who filed the petition, and make a record of the delivery.  The person who filed the petition shall be allowed a period of ten (10) days after the day on which the delivery was made, in which to make the petition  sufficient.  If the Clerk of Council finds the petition sufficient, he shall promptly certify its sufficiency to Council, deliver a copy of the certificate to the person whose removal is sought, and make a record of that delivery.
   (D)   If the person whose removal is sought does not resign within five (5) days after the day on which delivery has been made, Council shall thereupon fix a day for holding a recall election, not less than seventy- five (75) days nor more than ninety (90) days after the date of delivery, and shall cause notice of the recall election to be published on the same day of each week, for two (2) consecutive weeks, in a newspaper determined by Council to be of general circulation in the municipality.  At a recall election, this question shall be placed upon the ballot:  "Shall (naming the person whose removal is sought) be allowed to continue as (naming the position held)?", with provision on the ballot for voting affirmatively or negatively.  In the event a majority of the vote is negative, the person shall be considered as removed and the office shall be deemed vacant.  The person removed at the recall election shall not be eligible for appointment to the vacancy.  If the person is not removed at the recall election, no further recall petitions shall be filed against such person for a period of one (1) year following the election.
   (E)   A removal by recall election shall not bar the person removed from becoming a candidate for office in future elections.
   (F)   If, at any such recall election, the incumbent whose removal is sought is not recalled, the incumbent shall be repaid the incumbent's actual and legitimate expenses for such election from the treasury of the municipal corporation, but such sum shall not exceed Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000).