(A)   LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS:  The Council shall have the authority by ordinance or resolution to adopt land use and development regulations, including, but not limited to, an official map and zoning and subdivision regulations.
   (B)   URBAN RENEWAL:  By ordinance, the council shall have the authority to provide for redevelopment, conservation, and renewal programs for:
      (1)   The alleviation or prevention of slums, obsolescence, blight, or other conditions of deterioration; and
      (2)   The achievement of the most appropriate use of land.
   (C)   COUNCIL ACTION:   Before acting on any proposed ordinance concerning land use and development regulations, urban renewal, or expenditures for capital improvements, where such ordinance refers to a matter covered by the comprehensive plan, the council shall refer the proposal to the Planning Board, which shall, within a time specified by the Council and prior to the public hearing on  the proposed ordinance report  its  recommendations thereon.  Upon  adoption of any such ordinance  the Council shall make findings and report to the public on the relationship between the ordinance and the comprehensive plan, and, in the event that the ordinance is not in accord with the comprehensive plan, the plan shall be deemed to be amended in accordance with such findings and report.
(Revision approved by the voters 11-3-92)