(A)   WORK PROGRAMS AND ALLOTMENTS:  At such time as the Manager shall specify, each department, office, or agency shall submit work programs for the ensuing fiscal year showing the requested allotments of its appropriation by periods within the year.  The Manager shall review and authorize such allotments with or without revision as early as possible in the fiscal year.  The Manager may revise such allotments during the year if he deems it desirable and shall revise them to accord with any supplemental, emergency, reduced, or transferred appropriations made pursuant to § 7.09 (A), (B), (C) and (D).
   (B)   PAYMENTS AND OBLIGATIONS PROHIBITED:  No payment shall be made or obligation incurred against any allotment or appropriation except in accordance with appropriations duly made and unless the Manager or his or her designee first certifies that there is a sufficient unencumbered balance in such allotment or appropriation, and that sufficient funds therefrom are or will be available to cover the claim or meet the obligation when it becomes due and payable.  Any authorization of payment or incurring of obligation in violation of the provisions of this Charter shall be void and any payment so made illegal; such action shall be cause for removal of any officer who knowingly authorized or made such payment or incurred such obligation, and the officer shall also be liable to the municipality for any amount so paid.  Procedure for removal and liability shall be conducted as directed by the provisions of this Charter.  Except where prohibited by law, nothing in this Charter shall be construed to prevent the making or authorizing of payments or making of contracts for capital improvements to be financed wholly or partly by the issuance of bonds or to prevent the making of any contract or lease providing for payment beyond the end of the fiscal year, provided that such action is made or approved by ordinance or resolution.