A Legal Department is hereby created which shall be headed by a Director of Law who shall be appointed by the Municipal Manager with the approval of Council.  The Director of Law shall be an attorney-at-law, admitted to the practice of law in the State of Ohio; and Assistant Directors of Law may be provided for by Council, and appointed by the Municipal Manager.  Any Assistant Directors of Law shall have the same qualifications as the Director of Law. The Director shall be an advisor of and attorney and counsel for the municipality, and for all the officers and divisions thereof in all matters relating to their official duties, and shall, when requested by the Municipal Manager, give legal opinions in writing.  The Director shall represent the municipality and/or its representatives in all suits or cases to which it may be a party; and shall prosecute for all offenses against the ordinances and resolutions of the municipality and such offenses against the laws of the State of Ohio as may be required of the Director. The Director shall on the request of the Municipal Manager, by motion of Council, or by individual Councilmembers (as governed by Rules of Council), prepare contracts, legislation, bonds, and other instruments in writing and over the Director's signature, in which the municipality is concerned.  The Director shall perform all such other duties as the Municipal Manager may impose upon the Director that are consistent with his office of Director of Law.
(Revision approved by the voters 11-3-92)