All classified personnel shall continue to be governed according to the provisions of this section. All classified personnel shall then become subject to the Civil Service Regulations as instituted by Council. Council shall by ordinance or resolution provide for the establishing of a Civil Service Commission and a Civil Service Board of Appeals. Council shall have authority to confer appropriate powers of procedure and performance upon such Commission and Board. Council shall determine which employees of the municipality shall be within the classified service and which shall be within the unclassified service. Such ordinance or resolution shall provide that all persons who have been continuously employed in the service of the municipality in the same or similar positions included in the classified service for at least thirty (30) days preceding the effective date of the ordinance or resolution shall retain their position without examination, after which they shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission. Council, by ordinance or resolution, shall provide, on the basis of merit and fitness determined by competitive examination, as far as practical, for the selection, promotion, and removal and other procedures of all classified personnel by adopting, with or without amendment, the provisions and rules established by the Civil Service Commission.
(Revision approved by the voters 11-3-92)