(A)   AUTHENTICATION AND RECORDING: The Clerk of Council shall authenticate by signature and record in full in a properly indexed book kept for that purpose all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Council
   (B)   CODIFICATION: Within five years after adoption of this Charter, and at least every other year thereafter, the Council shall provide for the preparation of a general codification of all ordinances and resolutions having the force and effect of law. The general codification shall be adopted by the Council by ordinance and shall be published promptly in bound or looseleaf form, together with this Charter and any amendments thereto, pertinent provisions of the Constitution and other Laws of the State of Ohio, and such codes of technical regulations and other rules and regulations as the Council may specify. This compilation shall be known and cited officially as the Tipp City Municipal Code. Copies of the Code shall be furnished to municipal officers, placed in libraries and public offices for free public reference, and made available for purchase by the public at the reasonable price fixed by the Council.
   (C)   PRINTING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS: The Council shall cause each ordinance and resolution having the force and effect of law and each amendment to this Charter to be printed promptly following its adoption, and the printed ordinances, resolutions, and Charter amendments  may be distributed or sold to the public at reasonable prices to be fixed by the Council. Following publication of the first Tipp City Municipal Code and at all times thereafter, the ordinances, resolutions, and Charter amendments shall be printed in substantially the same style as the code in effect at that time, and shall be suitable for integration, in proper form, therein. The Council shall make such further arrangements as it deems desirable with respect to reproduction and distribution of any current changes in, or additions to, the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of Ohio, or the codes of technical regulations and other rules and regulations included in the Code.
(Revision approved by the voters 11-3-92)