(A)   (1)   In addition to the rates and charges established by § 52.02 herein, there shall be a surcharge levied for wastes stronger than normal domestic sewage.  The surcharge shall consist of a component for debt plus reserves.  The surcharge shall be based on water usage as recorded by water meters and/or sewage meters for all wastes which exceed 240 milligrams per liter BOD, 240 milligrams per liter suspended solids, and/or 36 milligrams per  liter  ammonia nitrogen.  Other waste characteristics shall be surcharged if they increase the costs of wastewater treatment in excess of that for treatment of normal domestic sewage.
      (2)   The surcharges are as follows:
      BOD5 in excess of 240 milligrams per liter:
      OM&R      $0.0314
      Debt          $0.0696
      Total      $0.101 per excess pound
      Suspended solids in excess of 240 milligrams per liter:
      OM&R      $0.0292
      Debt          $0.0428
      Total       $0.072 per excess pound
      Ammonia nitrogen in excess of 36 milligrams per liter:
      OM&R      $0.1908
      Debt        $0.1022
      Total      $0.293 per excess pound
   (B)   Computation of surcharge.  The concentration of wastes used for computing surcharges shall be established by waste sampling.  Waste sampling shall be performed as often as may be deemed necessary by the city or its representative and shall be binding as a basis for surcharge.  The city shall adjust the surcharge for debt and OM&R annually in order to reflect the actual costs for the Tri Cities North Regional Wastewater Authority plant.
(1974 Code, § 52.03)  (Ord. 23-73, passed 5-7-1973; Am. Ord. 25-87, passed 7-6-1987; Am. Ord. 08-06, passed 3-6-2006)