(A)   VACANCIES:  The office of a Councilmember shall become vacant upon the Councilmember's death, resignation, or removal from or forfeiture of the Councilmember's office in the manner authorized by this Charter.
   (B)   FORFEITURE OF OFFICE:  A Councilmember shall forfeit the Councilmember's office if in the judgment of Council, expressed by a vote of five members, the accused:
      (1)   Lacks at any time during the Councilmember's term of office any qualifications for the office prescribed in this Charter,
      (2)   Violates any express prohibition of this Charter intentionally,
      (3)   Is responsible for personal gross misconduct resulting in loss of public confidence, or is convicted of a felony, or,
      (4)   Fails to attend four regular meetings of the Council during the Councilmember's term of office without being excused by the Council.
   (C)   PROCEDURE FOR FORFEITURE OF OFFICE:  Removal shall be effectuated upon motion made in Council.  The accused shall be given a hearing upon his or her request and may be represented by counsel.  Upon the affirmative vote of five members, Council shall declare his or her office forfeited and his or her place vacant.
   (D)   FILLING OF VACANCIES: Whenever the office of a Councilmember shall become vacant for any reason, Council shall cause notice of that vacancy to be published.  Vacancy shall not be filled by Council sooner than l0 days following publication of the notice of the vacancy.  A vacancy in the Council shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any, at the next regular municipal election following not less than sixty (60) days upon the occurrence of the vacancy.  The Council, by a majority vote of all its remaining members, shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy until the person elected to serve the remainder of the term takes office. If the Council fails to do so within thirty (30) days following the occurrence of the vacancy, the President of Council shall fill it by appointment.  Notwithstanding the requirements that a quorum of the Council consists of four members, if at any time the membership of the Council is reduced to less than four, the remaining members may, by majority action appoint additional members to raise the membership to four.  Each Councilmember so elected or so appointed shall hold office until the end of the term to which the Councilmember is elected or appointed and until his or her successor qualifies.