§ 4.04  MAYOR.
   The Council shall select biennially from among its own membership one to serve as Mayor for a term of two years and until his or her successor is chosen and qualified.  The Mayor shall continue to serve, as a regular Councilmember, having a vote on all matters which come before the Council, but shall have no power of veto.  The Mayor shall be the ceremonial and representative head of the municipality, but shall exercise no administrative authority.  The Mayor shall have all the judicial powers and other powers and privileges to which the Mayor is entitled by the Constitution and Laws of Ohio granted generally by the laws of Ohio to the Mayors of Ohio municipalities.  The Mayor shall be recognized by the Governor of the State for purposes of military law, and by the courts for civil processes involving the municipality.  The Mayor shall serve as Vice-President of the Council and shall perform the duties of the President in the event the President is absent.  The Mayor shall be selected at the first regular Council meeting attended by the newly elected Council.  The Mayor shall perform other duties prescribed by ordinance or resolution and not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter. No member of Council shall serve more than two consecutive terms as Mayor.
(Revision approved by the voters 11-3-2009)