(a)   The Chairman of the Village Hall Committee and/or authorized personnel shall accept reservations for the use of the Village Hall Pavilion for parties of 12 or more.
   (b)   Use of the pavilion shall be on the first-come basis unless a reservation is posted.
   (c)   Notwithstanding division (b) of this section, the Mayor and the Village Hall Committee, and/or authorized personnel, at their discretion, may permit the rental of the Village Hall Pavilion to a recognized service club or organization, including The Village Club, which has provided or does provide services or benefits to the Village at no rental fee cost and with no damage deposit.  The value of the services provided shall be at least commensurate with the waived rental fee. The club or organization shall be required to sign a contract, and will remain liable for any damage caused to the pavilion during the rental.
   (d)   The Chairman of the Village Hall Committee and/or other authorized personnel shall post a notice on the pavilion indicating that the pavilion is reserved and shall further post the times of said reservations.
   (e)   All fees, costs, expenses and security deposits that shall be charged for the use and/or rental of a municipal facility shall be set by the Village Hall Committee, and a schedule of same shall be available to the public from the Village Council.
   (f)   Rental of Village facilities is prohibited for any function whose purpose is to raise and/or generate monetary revenue. This prohibition shall not apply to Village affiliated service clubs and organizations which meet the definition under Section 501(c)(3) in the Internal Revenue Code.
   (g)   For each rental of the pavilion, the renter shall retain a member of the Village Police Department if alcoholic beverages will be consumed and/or served on the premises, with the rate of the officer to be set by the Chief of Police. This provision shall not apply to recognized service clubs or organizations.
   (h)   If so contracted for, the restrooms within the Village Hall shall be accessible to persons reserving the pavilion.
   (i)   Any provision of this section does not in any way limit the liability of any person for any injury, damage or loss to any person or property.
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