Those seeking public records shall indicate what format they want the records return on and will be charged the actual cost of making the requested copies. Additional costs will be incurred if the requested documents cannot be reproduced using Village equipment. The Village may choose to employ the services, and charge the requester the costs of a private contractor to copy public records so long as the decision to do so is reasonable.
   (a)   The charge for paper copies is $0.10 per page;
   (b)   The charge for downloaded computer files to a compact disk is $2.00 per disk;
   (c)   There is no charge for documents sent via email;
   (d)   Any requests to be returned by mail or by any other carrier service, shall be assessed the actual cost, including postage and mailing supplies, to comply with said request;
   (e)   All costs shall be paid in advance by the requester.
(Res. 2008-7.  Passed 1-15-08; Ord. 2013-14.  Passed 6-18-13.)