(a)   Any notification provided in this chapter to be given by the Clerk may be given by any person acting on behalf of or under the authority of the Clerk.
   (b)   A reasonable attempt at notification shall constitute notification in compliance with this chapter.
   (c)   A certificate by the Clerk as to compliance with this chapter shall be conclusive upon the Municipality and the Municipal body involved.
   (d)   The Clerk shall maintain a record of the date and manner, and the time, if pertinent under this chapter, of all actions taken with regard to notices and notifications under Sections 206.04 through 206.06.
   (e)   To better ensure compliance with this chapter as to notice and notification, it shall be the responsibility of the Chairman or Secretary of a Municipal body other than Council, or the person calling the meetings, to timely advise the Clerk of future meetings, and of the subject matters to be discussed thereat, of such Municipal body.