(a)   In addition to any other condition or regulation contained in this Chapter, in  state statutes, or in  the ordinances of the City of Tiffin, the following  conditions  and regulations shall be applicable to and shall govern and  control all licenses  of sweepstake terminal cafes:
      (1)   Each such licensee shall at all times open each and every portion of the premises for inspection by the Police Department, City Engineer's Office, Fire/Rescue Division, and other City departments and divisions for the purposes of enforcing any provisions of this Chapter.
      (2)   Each such licensee shall have present on the premises at all times when the premises are open to the public at least one adult operator who has not been convicted of any felony involving the operation of a sweepstake terminal cafe or involving physical violence, gambling activities, controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, minors, or any crime involving moral turpitude.
      (3)   No such licensee shall allow any person, other than an owner or operator over the age of twenty-one years, who shall be readily identifiable, to be in control of the premises, nor allow such operator to be regularly situated in a place upon the premises other than a place from which he has an unobstructed view of the entire portion of the premises devoted to the operation of computerized sweepstake devices.
      (4)   No  person  under  the  age  of  eighteen  years  shall be permitted within a sweepstake terminal cafe.
      (5)   Any and all sweepstake rules and odds of winning shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the premises and displayed on the computerized sweepstake device at the start of each game and/or activity.
   (b)       All computerized  sweepstake  devices  upon  the premises of a sweepstake terminal
cafe shall be located thereon in conformity with the floor plan filed with the application for the license and in such a manner:
      (1)   So as not to impair ingress or egress to the premises;
      (2)   So as not to interfere with free and unfettered passage through the premises;   
      (3)   So as to permit a clear and complete view of the interior of the premises  immediately upon entry; and
      (4)      So that the back of any amusement device is not exposed to a window.
   (c)   Limitation on Location. No license shall  be  granted to  a  sweepstake Terminal Café that will conduct its business at a location that is within 500 feet from the boundaries of a parcel of real estate having situated on it's a school, public library, or public playground. This section shall not apply to any Sweepstake Terminal Café locations in existence at the time of the passage of this ordinance, and shall not apply to any duly licensed Sweepstake Terminal Café locations in existence at the time a school, public library, or public playground, moves within 500 feet of said Sweepstakes Terminal Café.  However, closing of the business for a time period of one year or greater or change in location will remove said Sweepstakes Terminal Café from this exception.  (Ord. 12-70.  Passed 11-20-12.)