(a)   Applications for Licenses. All applications for licenses under  this Chapter shall be in writing on a form approved by and filed with the City Administrator. The application shall be signed by the owner or owners with a notary acknowledgement as a sworn statement and shall contain information required by this section supplied in detail as to each such person, including general and limited partners, or partnerships, shareholders of corporations and principals of any other type of business entity. All applications shall contain a statement that the information contained therein is complete, accurate and truthful to the best knowledge of all applicants, and such statement shall be signed before a notary public of the State of Ohio.  Every owner and operator of the sweepstake terminal café shall be required to consent to a confidential criminal background investigation and fingerprinted by an agency approved by the City Administrator.
   (b)   Contents of Applications.  The application shall contain the following information as to all owners:
      (1)   True name and all names used in the past five years;
      (2)   Date of birth;
      (3)   Permanent home address and all home addresses used in the past five years;
      (4)   Business and home telephone numbers;
      (5)   Employment history for the past five years;
      (6)   A  statement  as  to  whether  or  not  the  owner  has  been  convicted  of any  felony  and, if so, the date and place of conviction, the nature of the offense and the penalty imposed.
      (7)   A  statement  as  to whether or  not  the  owner  has  ever operated  a sweepstake terminal cafe and, if so, when, where and for how long.
      (8)   A  description of  the  nature  and  operation  of  the  main type  of  business  activity to be conducted upon the premises;
      (9)   A description of the nature and operation of any business to be conducted in  conjunction with the sweepstake terminal café;
      (10)   The  address  and telephone  number of  the premises  and  of  the  business, if different from that of the premises;
      (11)   The name under which  the  business and premises will  be operated;
      (12)   A statement  as  to  whether  or  not  the  owner  will  directly  operate  the sweepstake  terminal  cafe, or whether or  not  an  operator  who  is  not  an owner will  operate  it, and if the latter, the application shall contain  information required by this section supplied in detail as to each such operator;
      (13)   The name,  address  and  telephone  number  of the  agent  of  the business upon whom service of process can effectively and validly be made;
      (14)   The  name  and  address of  the  manufacturer of  each computerized sweepstake device requested to be licensed;
      (15)   A description  as to  the nature  and  type of property or services    which will be sold or supplied upon the premises;   
      (16)   A copy of the title or lease to the premises;
      (17)   A copy of the Articles of Incorporation, if the owner is a corporation;
      (18)   A copy of the Operating Agreement, if the owner is a limited liability  company;
      (19)   A  copy  of  the  Partnership Agreement, if  the  owner  is  a  partnership; 
      (20)   Federal tax identification number for the Operator;
      (21)   A copy of a Certificate of Occupancy for the location of the business.
   (c)   Reports of City Officials. Upon receipt of an application for a license under this Chapter, the City Administrator shall request the following reports, which shall be rendered to him within thirty days of the date of filing of the application. Should no information be received by the City Administrator within thirty days, no negative action should be taken by the City Administrator.
             (1)   A  written report  from  the Police  Chief shall  be submitted to  the  City Administrator specifying, with regard to all owners and operators, any convictions for any felony.
             (2)   A written report from  the Building Inspector and Zoning Inspector shall be submitted  to  the  City Administrator  as  to  whether  all  building and  zoning  laws  have been  satisfied. Sweepstake  terminal Cafes are  authorized  in any  area zoned for business.
   (d)   Determination Process.
      (1)   City Administrator.  Each application for a license under this Chapter shall be considered by the City Administrator, who shall, within ten days after receiving the written reports, either issue such license or deny issuance of such license.
      (2)   Appeal to Board.  In the event of the denial of issuance of such a license, the applicant shall be notified of such denial and the specific reasons, therefore in writing. Such notice shall be mailed or personally delivered to the applicant at the address specified in the application. The applicant shall have ten days after the mailing or personal delivery of such notice within which to appeal such denial, by filing a written notice of appeal with the  Zoning Board of Appeals of the City of Tiffin ("Board").  The Board shall fix a time and place for hearing such appeal, and shall give a minimum of ten days notice in writing of the date and place of the hearing to such applicant at the address specified in the application. The appeal shall be heard by the Board, which shall have the power after such hearing to confirm the denial, order the license to be issued, or, at its discretion, to issue a conditional or probationary license. In rendering its decision, the Board may, for good cause shown, modify or waive any of the provisions of this Chapter in the interest of justice.
      (3)   Appeal to court. The decision of the Board may, within thirty days thereof, be appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction under Ohio R.C. Chapters 2505 and 2506.
   (e)    License Renewal. Each computerized sweepstake device license and sweepstake terminal cafe license must be renewed annually. At the time of renewal, a statement shall be filed with the City Administrator that the information listed on the original application for the license is still complete, accurate and truthful to the best knowledge of all applicants, or a statement shall be filed with the City Administrator listing each and every item of information which has changed since the original application. Such statement shall be signed by all owners, and shall be notarized.
(Ord. 12-70.  Passed 11-20-12.)