As used in this Chapter:
   (a)   "Computerized sweepstake device" means any computer, machine, or apparatus which is capable of connection to the internet, regardless of whether such connection is utilized, through a wireless router telephone line, digital subscriber line, satellite, cellular telephone, cable connection or any other method, which is engaged or accessed upon the insertion of a coin, token, or similar object, or the sliding of a magnetic card or entry of a code, or similar process, or upon payment of anything of value, either directly or indirectly, and which may be operated by the public generally for use as entertainment or amusement, whether or not generally for use as entertainment or amusement, whether or not registering a score, and which when so utilized announces, reveals or discloses the predetermined eligibility, award or payment of a cash prize redeemable on or at the internet sweepstakes cafe, whether or not said prize was in fact announced, revealed or disclosed through the usage of the "computerized sweepstakes device". Computerized sweepstakes device does not include machines which produce a non-predetermined prize, a game of chance, a game of skill, or which are designated for use by the State Lottery Commission.
   (b)       "City Administrator" means the City Administrator of the City of Tiffin, Ohio.
   (c)       "Operator" means the person or persons having authority to control the premises of a Sweepstake Terminal Cafe.
   (d)     "Licensee" means the person or persons who sign an application for a license hereunder and to whom such license is issued.
   (e)     "Owner' means any person who possesses a pecuniary interest, either directly or indirectly in an amusement device business and/or Sweepstake Terminal Cafe.
   (f)       "Person" means any natural person, firm, partnership, association, corporation or any other form of business organization.
   (g)       "Premises" means  the building or portion thereof used for conducting  the operation of an amusement device business and/or Sweepstake Terminal Cafe.
   (h)     "Sweepstake Terminal Café" means any individual business premises upon which any computerized sweepstake device is located for the use or entertainment of the public, whether or not such premises has other business purposes of any nature whatsoever, Sweepstake Terminal Cafés shall be permitted in any areas zoned for business.  (Ord. 12-70.  Passed 11-20-12.)