Title; Jurisdiction; Zoning Map   1
Zoning Definitions   2
Zoning Districts; Boundaries   3
Uses; District Regulations   4
Agricultural Districts   5
AG Agricultural District   5A
AG/R Agricultural/Residential District   5B
Residential Districts   6
R Residential District   6A
RM Residential Medium Density District   6B
R/AI Residential/Airport Influence District   6C
NHB Neighborhood Highway Business District   7
Business And Industrial Districts   8
CBD Central Business District   8A
GI General Industrial District   8B
PLI Public Lands Institutional District   9
T Transitional District   10
Planned Unit Developments   11
Conditional Use Permits   12
Off-Street Parking   13
Off-Street Loading   14
Nonconforming Lots, Uses And Structures   15
Mobile Home Parks   16
Travel Trailer Parks   17
Board Of Adjustment   18
Amendments And Changes   19
Permits And Fees   20
Violations; Penalties   21