Sec. 8-12.11.  Refunds.
   Requests for refunds shall be in writing to the Building Official.  Refunds shall be issued based upon staff time and City costs involved.  Where initial application is received but no processing begun, eighty (80%) percent the fee may be refunded; where the records search has been completed, whether typed or not, fifty (50%) percent of the fee may be refunded; where all work has been completed, there shall be no refund of fee.  A refund of one hundred (100%) percent may be approved by the Building Official where the application has been filed in error.
   In order for refunds to be issued, requests shall be made within six (6) months from date of application for Report of Residential Records.
(§ 2, Ord. 932-NS, eff. September 2, 1986, as amended by § 1, Ord. 1289-NS, eff. August 21, 1997)