Sec. 8-12.04.  Applications.
   Owner or purchaser shall have the option of obtaining a City Inspection Report in addition to the Records Search Report.
   Upon the application of the owner or an authorized agent and the payment of the City fee, as established by resolution of the City Council, the Building Official shall review pertinent City records, shall cause, if applied for and paid for by the purchaser, an inspection of the premises to be made and shall cause to be delivered, as soon as possible thereafter, to the applicant a report of the residential building records, which report shall contain the following information insofar as it is available:
   (a)   Records search.
   (1)   The street address and assessor’s parcel number of the subject property;
   (2)   The zone classification and authorized use as set forth in this Code;
   (3)   The occupancy as indicated and established by permits of record;
   (4)   Any variances, special use permits, exceptions or other zoning requirements;
   (5)   Any special restrictions in use or development which may apply to the subject property;
   (6)   The availability of water and sewer facilities from the City’s system and connection fee requirements; and
   (7)   Informational material explaining when permits from the City are needed. Diagrams and explanations for proper installation of commonly occurring improperly installed work.
   (b)   Records search and inspection.
   (1)   Items (1) through (6), as listed under Records Search above.
   (2)   The findings of the Building Inspector as the result of a physical inspection of the premises.
(§ 2, Ord. 932-NS, eff. September 2, 1986, as amended by § 1, Ord. 1289-NS, eff. August 21, 1997)