A.   Defined: For the purpose of this section, a “temporary road block” means any device or means used by duly authorized law enforcement officers of the Police Department for the purpose of controlling all traffic through a point on any street, thoroughfare, roadway or highway within the Municipality whereby all vehicles may be slowed or stopped for the purposes enumerated in subsection C of this section.
(1982 Code § 7.01.020)
   B.   Authority To Establish: The members of the Police Department of the Municipality are hereby authorized to establish temporary road blocks upon the streets and highways of the Municipality for the purpose of apprehending persons reasonably believed by the officers to be wanted for violation of the laws of this State, any other state or the United States and using any such street or highway.
(1982 Code § 7.01.030)
   C.   Minimum Requirements: For the purpose of warning and protecting the traveling public, the minimum requirements to be met by police officers establishing temporary road blocks, if time and circumstances allow, shall be as follows:
      1.   The temporary road block must be established at a point on the highway or street clearly visible at a distance of not less than two hundred (200) yards in either direction;
      2.   At the point of the temporary road block, flashing warning lights shall be visible to oncoming traffic for a distance of not less than two hundred (200) yards. The emergency warning lights on a marked law enforcement vehicle shall suffice; and
      3.   At least one person working a law enforcement road block shall be in uniform and visible, and at least one vehicle used in a law enforcement road block shall be clearly marked as a law enforcement vehicle.
(1982 Code § 7.01.040)
   D.   Failure To Stop: It shall be unlawful for any person to proceed or travel through or past a temporary road block without subjecting himself to the traffic control so established.
(1982 Code § 7.01.050)