6-1-4: U-TURNS:
   A.   U-Turns Restricted: The driver of any vehicle shall not turn such vehicle to proceed in the opposite direction or to make a semicircular turn for the purpose of parking on the opposite side of the street upon which the vehicle is traveling, other than at an intersection, except that no such turn shall be made at any of the following intersections:
      1.   Any intersection in the business district;
      2.   Any signalized intersection;
      3.   Any intersection where stop signs are erected;
      4.   Any intersection of any alley with a street;
      5.   Any intersection on a curve;
      6.   Any intersection upon or within one hundred feet (100') of the crest of the grade.
   B.   Compliance With Signs: Whenever authorized signs are erected indicating that, no vehicle shall disobey the directions of any such sign. (1976 Code § 10.04.040)