Whenever the following words or terms are used in this code, they shall have such meanings herein ascribed to them, unless the context makes such meaning repugnant thereto:
CODE: The town code of the town of Terry, Montana.
COUNCIL: The town council of the town of Terry, Montana. "All its members" or "all council members" means the total number of council members holding office.
COUNTY: The county of Prairie, Montana.
MCA: Montana Code Annotated, as amended.
MAYOR: The mayor of the town.
PERSON: Any public or private corporation, firm, partnership, association, organization, government or any other group acting as a unit, as well as a natural person.
STATE: The state of Montana.
STATUTORY REFERENCES: References to statutes of the state of Montana as they now are or as they may be amended to be.
TOWN: The town of Terry, county of Prairie, state of Montana. (1976 Code § 1.04.030; amd. 2016 Code)