A.   Permission Required: No person shall encumber or obstruct, or cause to be encumbered or obstructed, any street, alley or other public place in the town by placing therein or thereon any building materials, trash, vehicle, earth, garbage, rubbish, debris, or accumulated snow and ice removed from an adjoining private premises, without first having obtained permission in writing from the town clerk, or other responsible town official. (1976 Code § 12.12.010)
   B.   Order To Remove:
      1.   An enforcement official or designee of the town council is authorized to order any article or thing, of the kind mentioned in subsection A of this section, which encumbers, litters or obstructs any street, alley or other public place within the town, to be removed. (1976 Code § 12.12.020; amd. 2016 Code)
      2.   If such removal shall not be made within six (6) hours after notice to the owner or person in charge thereof, or if the owner cannot be readily found for the purpose of such notice, the town shall cause the same to be removed to some suitable place to be designated by such official, at the expense of the person responsible thereof. (1976 Code § 12.12.020)