A.   Illicit Discharges Prohibited:
      1.   It is a violation of this chapter for a person to cause any illicit discharge to enter the municipal storm sewer system unless that discharge is:
         a.   A nonstormwater discharge authorized by and consistent with the provision of a valid NPDES permit.
         b.   An exempted discharge.
         c.   Is deemed by the city manager or authorized representative to be necessary to the public health, safety or welfare. (Ord. 96-799)
   B.   Exempted Discharges: Section III, A of order no. R4-2012-0175 (MS4 discharges within the coastal watersheds of Los Angeles) of the California regional water quality control board Los Angeles region, and any subsequent amendments thereto, are hereby adopted and incorporated herein by reference. (Ord. 13-984)
   C.   Cleanup Of Illicit Discharges Required: If a person responsible for an illicit discharge is identified, it is the responsibility of that person to clean up the illicit discharge to the satisfaction of the city manager and in a timely manner. (Ord. 96-799)