Except as hereinafter changed or modified, the administration of the existing building code shall be as set forth in section 7-1-0, "Building Code Administration", of this title.
101 Title, Purpose, Intent And Scope
101.1 Title. Title 7 Building Regulations, chapter 9 of the city of Temple City municipal code shall be known as the Existing Building Code Of The City Of Temple City, may be cited as such, and will be referred to herein as "these regulations" or "these building standards" or "this code."
101.3 Scope. The provisions of this code shall apply to the repair, alteration, change of occupancy, addition to and relocation of any existing building or structure or any other work regulated by this code within the city, subject to the criteria of sections 101.3.1 and 101.3.2.
Where, in any specific case, different sections of this code specify different materials, methods of construction or other requirements, the most restrictive shall govern. Where there is a conflict between a general requirement and a specific requirement, the specific requirement shall be applicable.
In the event any differences in requirements exist between the accessibility requirements of this code and the accessibility requirements of the California code of regulations, title 24 (also referred to as the California building standards code), then the California code of regulations shall govern.
101.3.1 Buildings Not Previously Occupied. A building or portion of a building that has not been previously occupied or used for its intended purpose in accordance with the laws in existence at the time of its completion shall be permitted to comply with the provisions of the laws in existence at the time of its original permit unless such permit has expired. Subsequent permits shall comply with the building code or residential code, as applicable, for new construction.
101.3.2 Buildings Previously Occupied. The legal occupancy of any building existing on the date of adoption of this code shall be permitted to continue without change, except as is specifically covered in this code, the fire code, or as is deemed necessary by the building official for the general safety and welfare of the occupants and the public.
(Ord. 16-1020)