All retail sales of safe and sane fireworks shall be permitted only from within a temporary fireworks stand and the sale from any other building or structure is hereby prohibited. Such temporary stands shall be subject to the following provisions:
   A.   Fireworks stands need not comply with the provisions of the building code of the city provided, however, that all stands shall be erected under the supervision of the inspector who shall require that stands be constructed in a manner which will reasonably ensure the safety of attendants and patrons, and any stands constructed shall obtain an electrical permit from the city.
   B.   If, in the judgment of the fire department and the building inspector of the city, the construction of the stands or the conduct of the operators therein do not conform to the provisions of this code, such officers, or either of them, may order the stands immediately to close.
   C.   No person shall be allowed in the interior of the stand except those directly employed in the sale of fireworks.
   D.   There shall be at least one supervisor, twenty one (21) years of age or older, on duty at all times. No person under eighteen (18) years of age shall be allowed inside the booth at any time.
   E.   No fireworks shall remain unattended at any time regardless of whether the fireworks stand is open for business or not. No person shall sleep in the stand.
   F.   No stand shall be placed closer than twenty five feet (25') to any other building.
   G.   "NO SMOKING" signs shall be prominently displayed both inside and outside the stand. No smoking shall be permitted within the stand, or within fifteen feet (15') of the stand.
   H.   All weeds and combustible material shall be cleared from the location of the stand. No rubbish shall be allowed to accumulate in or around any fireworks stand, nor shall a fire nuisance be permitted to exist.
   I.   No stand shall be erected before June 15 of any year. The premises on which the stand is erected shall be cleared of all structures and debris within seventy two (72) hours after twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight of July 4.
   J.   All stands must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher, type 2A, for each exit in the stand, which fire extinguishers must be approved as to efficiency and safety by the fire department.
   K.   Each stand in excess of twenty feet (20') in length must have at least two (2) exits and each stand in excess of forty feet (40') in length must have at least three (3) exits spaced approximately equidistant apart, provided however, that in no case shall the distance between exits exceed twenty feet (20').
   L.   No stand shall be constructed with a depth of more than twelve feet (12').
   M.   "No Drinking Of Alcoholic Beverages" signs shall be prominently displayed both inside and outside the stand. No drinking of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted within the stand, or within fifteen feet (15') of the stand; nor shall any person handling or selling fireworks be under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substances; nor shall any alcoholic beverages or controlled substances be contained within the stand. (Ord. 85-563)