A.   No permit shall be issued to any person except nonprofit associations or corporations organized primarily for veteran, patriotic, welfare, civic betterment or charitable purposes. Each such organization must have its principal and permanent meeting place in the city and must have been organized and established in the area that is within the city for a minimum of two (2) years continuously preceding the filing of the application for the permit and must have a bona fide membership of at least twenty (20) members.
   B.   Every stand shall submit to the city by October 30 of each year, a copy of the state board of equalization's state, local and district sales and use tax return from the operation of the fireworks stand for the prior July. Failure to do so shall result in the following:
      1.   Unable to get a permit for the following year; and
      2.   The deposit placed with the city shall be held until such time the report is filed but no longer than one year from the due date, at which time the deposit is thereby forfeited to the city.
   C.   No more than twelve (12) fireworks permits shall be issued in any year. Fireworks permits shall be issued first to those qualified persons who held a fireworks permit during the previous year. If there are any remaining available fireworks permits after those seeking a repeat permit have been considered, the remaining permits shall be distributed by lottery. (1960 Code; amd. Ord. 91-691; Ord. 96-792; Ord. 11-943)