(A)   Annual inspection. Every WECS project must be inspected annually by an authorized factory representative to certify that it is in good working condition and not a hazard to the public.
   (B)   Interference. If the authorized factory representative determines that the WECS project causes severe interference with microwave transmissions, residential television interference, or radio reception, the WECS owner must take commercially reasonable steps to correct the problem.
   (C)   Fire risk. All WECS projects must adhere to all applicable electrical codes and standards and must remove fuel sources, such as vegetation, from the immediate vicinity of electrical gear and connections. Every WECS project must utilize twistable cables on turbines.
   (D)   Waste. All solid wastes, whether generated from supplies, equipment parts, packaging, operation or maintenance of the WECS, including old parts and equipment, shall be removed from the site immediately and disposed of in an appropriate manner. All hazardous waste generated by the operation and maintenance of the WECS including, but not limited to, lubricating materials, shall be removed from the site immediately and disposed of in a manner consistent with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations.
(Prior Code, 7 TCC 3-4) Penalty, see § 10.99