(A)   All initial applications for license to sell alcoholic beverages at retail shall be filed in the office of the County Clerk.
   (B)   The County Clerk shall forward copies of all initial applications to the Local Liquor Control Commissioner and to the Sheriff, and the Sheriff shall then cause a thorough investigation to be made into the fitness and eligibility of the applicant. Said investigation shall include photographing and fingerprinting the applicant and any manager of premises proposed for license.
   (C)   Within 30 days of his or her receipt of the application, the Sheriff shall report to the Local Liquor Commissioner in writing the results of his or her investigation, along with his or her recommendation whether the application should be granted or denied or held for further investigation, including the reasons for such recommendation.
   (D)   Within ten days of the receipt of the investigation report and recommendation of the Sheriff, the Local Liquor Commissioner shall notify the applicant that his or her application is granted, denied, or held for further investigation. The period of such additional investigation shall not exceed an additional 30 days unless otherwise agreed to by the applicant. Upon the conclusion of such additional investigation, the Local Liquor Commissioner shall advise the applicant in writing whether the application is granted or denied.
   (E)   Whenever an application is denied or held for further investigation, the Local Liquor Commission shall advise the applicant of the reasons for such action.
   (F)   The failure or refusal of the applicant to timely deliver any books, records, or other documents, or to give any information relevant to the investigation of the application, or his or her refusal to submit the photographing and fingerprinting, or his or her refusal of failure to appear at any reasonable time and place for examination under oath regarding said application, shall constitute an admission by the applicant that he or she is ineligible for such license and shall be grounds for denial thereof.
(Prior Code, 3 TCC 1-5)