Unless the context otherwise requires, words and phrases used in this chapter shall be construed as they are defined in Article I of the state’s Liquor Control Act (235 ILCS 5/1-1 through 1-3.42) or as defined below.
   COUNTY. The part of Tazewell County which lies outside of any city, village, or incorporated town.
   PERSON. Any person, firm, partnership, club, association, or corporation.
   PREMISES. The area within a building for which a license to sell alcoholic liquor is issued and which is actually used in connection with the storage, preparation, and sale of alcoholic liquor, but specifically excluding any outside areas such as patios, open porches, roof tops, balconies, stoops, sidewalks, yards, driveways, parking lots, and similar outside areas. With respect to Subclass “T” licenses, PREMISES shall mean in its entirety the location for which a license is issued including the area within any buildings thereon and all outside areas upon the premises of said location for which a license is issued.
   TO SELL or SALE. Any transfer, exchange, or barter in any manner, or by any means whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the providing of alcoholic beverages to any person who has been first required to pay an admission fee to any premises or who has been first required to pay a flat fee for participation in any activity, without regard to whether or not an additional charge is made upon the actual serving of any such alcoholic beverage.
(Prior Code, 3 TCC 1-1)