(A)   A representative of the Board of Health shall properly identify himself or herself before entering a body art establishment to make an inspection. Such an inspection must be conducted as often as necessary throughout the year to ensure compliance with this code.
   (B)   A representative of the Board of Health may inspect a body art establishment, including mobile or temporary, at any reasonable time(s) the Board of Health deems necessary to conduct inspections, complaint investigations and inspect conditions related to the enforcement of this code. Representatives shall only enter a procedure area with a client’s consent if a body art procedure is in process at the time of the inspection.
   (C)   A copy of the inspection report must be furnished to the body art establishment permit holder or body artist registration holder, with the State Department of Public Health retaining possession of the original.
   (D)   If, after investigation, the Board of Health should find that a body art establishment or body artist is in violation of this code, the Local Health Department may advise the body art establishment and/or body artists, in writing, of its findings and instruct the specific steps to correct such violations within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 30 days.
   (E)   Body art establishments and/or body artists that continue to operate without proper permits from the State Department of Public Health or operate in violation of these regulations will be subject to legal remedial actions and sanctions as provided by the law.
(Ord. E-14-66, passed 5-28-2014)