In addition to the definitions contained in the State Department of Public Health Body Art Code, the following general definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter.
   BOARD OF HEALTH. The County Board of Health or its authorized representatives.
   INSPECTOR. All authorized agents of County Health Department, and representatives of the Board of Health, who have the authority to enter and make reasonable inspections of any body art establishment during their regular hours of business for the purpose of determining compliance with the Board’s rules governing body art facilities. The inspector shall prepare a written report of said inspection. Such report shall be signed by the inspector and by the body art establishment owner or their designated representative. A copy of such inspection report shall be left with the owner or manager.
   LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT. The County Health Department.
   NON-REGISTERED BODY ART ESTABLISHMENTS. Any body art facility, including mobile or temporary, attempting to operate without a current registered permit from the State Department of Public Health. These establishments will be required to cease operation until an application for certificate of registration has been submitted and an initial routine inspection has been performed. Once the application has been received, and the State Department of Public Health has notified the Local Health Department, an inspector shall perform an initial routine inspection for the establishment. No establishment operating without a current state-issued certificate of registration shall be permitted to operate body art in the county.
(Ord. E-14-66, passed 5-28-2014)